Sunday, August 2, 2009


Priceless conversation between my mom, my brother and me. This is not verbatim.

Me: acting very excited about winning Ticket to Ride and beating my brother and especially Devin.

Eric: Marie, I thought you of all people could care less about winning a game. I don't remember you being this competitive.

Marie: It's Devin's fault. He rubbed off on me. I love to win things now!

Mom: It's probably because you're a mom now. Having kids can lower your self esteem.

Blank looks from all around

Eric: Only if you have us for kids!

*As a side note, I did see what she meant. There are times that I miss having a career, as well as the adult interaction that came along with it. Sometimes something as small as winning a game (other than Dora dominoes or Princess Memory) can make you feel like you still have something to contribute. You may disagree, but I feel that way sometimes.

Anyway I really enjoy spending time with my little bro. He is a great conversationalist, smart (too smart), and extremely caring. We have a very similar sense of humor, which can get a tad pretentious at times (especially when aimed at one of his ex girlfriends). He is also very patient with my blatant interference in his love life (COME ON SINGLE LADIES! WHO WOULDN'T WANT ME FOR A SISTER IN LAW?!) . I wish he lived in KS, but he's getting ready to head out to DC to start his fancy new job.

Here's one more recent pic from our trip to Colorado. Caitlyn (Devin's little sis) took this picture. Addison refused to smile until Caitlyn said "Addison if you smile one more time I'll take you to the playground." Thus, the perfect smile was born. What a little stinker...


Amanda said...

Aw. What a sweet post about your brother! He really is a great guy. :)

I love that family picture. Ahem...maybe you should make several copies and mail them out to your friends. I'm sure there are lots of people who would love an updated family picture of you guys..*cough* Just a thought!!

H.E.A. said...

I LOVE that last family picture :) And if your brother lived here...and I was still single I'd totally give him some undivided attention! :)

Erica said...

Love the picture.

TerraGold said...

Can I put us on the list of people getting the picture if they get distributed? It's like your own personal family glamor shot by Deb.

nat said...

What a fabulous family picture! My Mom would have totally said something like that too...except it would have taken me eternity to figure out why having kids would lower my self-esteem and I would lecture her about being critical of me. Good thing it was your Mom!!

lgraves said...

i love this family ... BEAUTIFUL!

jenifrien said...

can i just say that i am also super duper ridiculous over my brother when it comes to females. i am constantly in his business about it, as a good sister should be. :)

roz said...


Send it to me on a CD (and any others you may have at hand) so I can get it framed and sent out to our family...who need to see regularly how precious your family is!

Love you all!