Sunday, March 15, 2009


This is why we don't like credit cards:

We have one credit card (Gap Visa) that Devin uses for his work trips. Other than that, we don't like credit cards. We cut all of them up and use cash or our debit card. We've heard lots of people say "well just pay it off in full every month and then you get points." No. They have plenty of complicated billing "procedures" put in place to confuse their customers so they can collect lots and lots of fees.


Devin's mom bought us some fiesta dinnerware which brightens up our kitchen and makes me feel happy every time we eat (it's the little things...). She didn't want to have to ship it from DC so Devin and I went to Macy's and picked some out because it was on sale half off each place setting. We discovered that if we opened up a Macy's card we'd save an additional 30% on top of the sale already happening. Devin was approved and we got 8 place settings, two serving bowls and a platter for $175. Not bad! His mom sent us a check in the mail and we waited until we got a bill to send it in. Well the bill never came. Devin got online and the payment was going to be due very soon, even though we never received a bill. He wrote down the address and sent it in. Two days ago two envelopes came from Macy's. Apparently when Devin sent in his payment it went to our "Red Star Rewards account, which now has a $175 credit" but the $175 bill is still outstanding on our "Red Star Rewards Visa Account." HUH?!

We haven't called yet to sort it out yet, but I'm sure it's going to be oh so much fun just like always.

Goodbye Macy's. You're going into the shredder just like the others.



Devin just called and they transferred the balance from the "store account" to the "VISA account" with no problems. I still don't understand why anyone would need two accounts.


Amanda said...

Oh, yes! My life has been much less complicated since those little babies left! Good riddance!

Michele said...

errrrrr. sounds much like our Lowes's account which was opened for the SOLE PURPOSE of buying a custom front door. my husband got the whole 'interest free for a year' spiel. i was thinking, 'no problem' because it was going to be paid off way before a year was up. it is now 5 months into this, finance and interest charges have shown up on our bill, and we still HAVE NO NEW DOOR! errrrrr. they will probably get our door in and sort it all out in month 11, leaving me one month to pay 'interest free'. needless to say, that card will be receiving the ax.

Anonymous said...

and you provide me yet another reason to always pay with cash :)


nat said...

That is so ridiculous! Why would they credit an account without any balance? Sometimes these systems make me cringe.