Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Toddlers are funny

At the park today:

Mikya (Merah's daughter): Marie, what are you going to name your baby?

Marie: Well if it's a girl we'll name her Ainsley. If it's a boy we might name him Austin. Do you like those names?

Mikya: Yeah.

Marie: What names do you like?

Mikya: I like Allie.

Addison: How about Tyrone?

I was getting out our newborn stuff and was really overwhelmed. I forgot how much crap you need for a baby. I don't know where the heck to put it all! Agggh!

American Idol made me so happy tonight? All my favorites made it through so far. My ultimate favorite? You guessed it: Norman!


Brenda Blake said...

Oh my goodness, that is so funny! Missed you girls today! We've got germs!

H.E.A. said...


Tyrone :)

Where did she hear that I wonder?

nat said...

Where does Addison get that stuff? It's too funny! How about Aiden? I can't wait to find out what the new baby will be!