Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday night with the paper...

Sounds relaxing right? Not for me! Ok can I just say that I am completely putting myself out here right now, and that most of you are going to think I'm a total loser? Ok....

So Addison has had a reddish/slightly goopy eye since yesterday morning. Lovely, I know. Having experienced pink-eye myself at Spring Canyon many, many years ago (yeah that's when Micah lovingly told me I looked like a deformed baby) I didn't think Addison had it bad enough to warrant a visit to urgent care (and the lovely 3 hour wait that would likely ensue). Devin and I went back and forth and back and forth over whether we should take her to the Walgreens clinic (to shell out $20 for a co-pay for them to look at her for 2 minutes). Her eye really didn't look that bad; it wasn't sealed shut or oozing in a gross way. It wasn't even that red. It was just kind of bothering her a little. I decided to go over there with her and I'd see what to do when I got there, saying a little prayer on the way that God would help me to make a good decision. Well it turns out the clinic part isn't opening til my answer! The pharmacist was really nice and looked at her and said it didn't look bad enough that she needed to see a doctor. I grabbed a box of eye drops and the Sunday paper and we were out of there.

I got home and realized an hour later that I had picked up last week's Sunday paper. Grrr.... I didn't need those coupons! I needed this week's paper and coupons!

I finished making Addison's dinner and went back to the store (thankfully it's right down the road)and told them I bought last week's paper and could I please exchange it for this week's. Guess not because they're all sold out! That's ok. CVS is right down the street. I'll get my cash back ($1.61) and grab one down there. Then the guy tells me that because I don't have my receipt I'll have to have store credit. Well what good is store credit going to do me when they don't have the right paper? Most non-broke people wouldn't care about getting $1.61 back, but I don't want to spend over $3 on a paper. I want to buy one paper and I want it to have THIS week's coupons! I told the guy that my receipt is probably at the top of their trash can because I was just there an hour earlier. I told him I'd even go get it out because it seemed sort of wrong to make him dig for it. Then the other clerk said "I'LL DIG! I dont mind!" He found it pretty quickly (thankfully there was nothing gross in that trash) so I got my money and left, feeling like a total idiot (or to be more precise a word that rhymes with numb-sass).

So I went over to CVS, grabbed a paper (yep...correct date), paid and left. They also had TUMS on sale so it wasn't a total waste. Oh pregnancy heartburn how I hate you.

I'm at home, looking through the ads, noting the bargains, casually glancing through my favorite sections (totally bummed that the "At your service" lady is retiring. She rocks.) la la la la........ and I get to the end of the paper and see that the coupons are missing. There is no stinking smartsource in that paper!!!!

Most people would say "oh forget it." But I am not most people. I am a coupon freak. I don't buy the paper to read the paper. I buy it for those shiny pieces of paper heaven.... I WANT MY COUPONS! Who knows? Maybe there are fabulous Thanksgiving coupons in there that I'll need!

So I call CVS and tell them that I bought a paper with no inserts and would it be ok if I go and get one with inserts. They say it's ok. I double check with Devin and make sure that it's worth going back there for it. He says it is. So back in the car I go (again, right down the road...not far) to CVS to get my paper.

My hopes of 4 or 5 inserts (ok I knew there'd be just one...that much I did know) with great coupons were immediately shattered when I pulled out this measly, 4 page smartsource with practically no good coupons. Phew...thankfully there were plenty of old people clotheswear ads just in case I needed to get Devin a holiday cardigan with cats on it, or a pair of flannel lined elastic waist jeans for my brother.

I was pretty pissed. Honestly, if I had looked at those coupons I don't think I ever would have bought a stinkin' paper in the first place. All of that for nothing.

I guess there's no big lesson to learn (check before you buy a paper?) Just thought my sad little story would give you a little laugh. If anything, maybe it will make you feel like less of a loser tonight!


H.E.A. said...

Oh wow...I actually am laughing for you because at the end of the night you were still able to keep up the sarcastic wit that makes you you :)

I hope next week's paper goes much better for you!

Brenda Blake said...

I like the way you think! Way to stick with it! :)

Em said...

I usually get coupons from my mom. Yesterday was the first time EVER that we bought a paper, expecting great coupons I'd want multiples of. I was also very disappointed with the lack of coupons. I feel your pain. I think I remember reading someplace that Sunday papers on weeks with holidays usually don't have coupons. We should check with Shannon.

Erica said...

I am sure I would have done the same thing. I was totally bummed about the lack of coupons this week too.

Andrea said...

Oh my. I totally understand. I almost called the KC star to have them re-deliver our paper because we didn't have a redplum insert in ours!